Wentworth by GBS

Landing page development for Wentworth by GBS, a new home and hospitality shop developed by Gregory Blake Sams (Charleston, SC). This React.js application handles Mailchimp subscriptions using Julien Bouquillon’s react-mailchimp-subscribe node package.

Music for Keyboard and Mouse

Creative direction, design, prototyping, and full-stack development for Music for Keyboard and Mouse, a browser-based percussion score for the solo performer. Drawing on the unconventional text-based scores and sheet music of experimental composer John Cage, this full-stack MERN app prompts users to enact a deadpan piece of percussion music using only their keyboard and mouse (or trackpad).

Incantations for Spotify

Creative direction, design, prototyping, and front-end development for Incantations, a Halloween-themed web app that allows Spotify Premium users to generate a playlist automatically by entering a string of “magic words” of their choosing. Incanted playlists appear automatically in the user’s Spotify library with a built-in description and custom playlist artwork. This MERN-stack application makes use of the Spotify API, Michael Thelin’s Spotify Web API Node wrapper, Gil Barbara’s React Spotify Web Playback player component, and Fergus McDowall’s Stopword node module.