Peder & Hendrik

Process-based collaboration with Nathan Hendrickson (as Peder & Hendrik).

Original score written & performed by Erik Pedersen.

Operating primarily on chance, blunder, risk, and play, this project relates to the fluidity of the self and its sensual modes of existence. By sharing costumes and trading places, we dismantle any fixed notion of being, taking on a number of characters along the way. In the film, these characters exist in unfixed/nonlinear time and dig in—joyously, tentatively—to a buffet of sensual pleasures.

The improvisational actions within this work are mediated by the camera and augmented by the associative potential of post-production.

An unnamed male character from ENTER WORK FORCE, a short film by Peder and Hendrik, stands barefoot on a strip of asphalt, surrounded by piles of dirt, powerlines, and distant trees. He is wrapped in a beige canvas drop cloth and has a large, amorphous hat made of aluminum foil balanced on his head. There is a small briefcase on the ground next to him and his serious expression is aimed somewhere off-camera.
Production still from “ENTER WORK FORCE”.

Canvas Dancer | improvised wall-bound performance costume, dimensions variable, 2018.

Featured in International Bad Video Art Festival III, Moscow, Russia 2019.